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If you've come here via a side door; please come in the front door ; there's a lot more to see :) Thanks...
See a chronological listing of Granian shows 1/96 - 6/00

Raison d'etre:
Granian is an acoustic pop act I followed from 1996-1998, pretty much everywhere. The reason? Equal parts liking the music and having my best friend playing bass in the band :) In August of 1998 life changed (for the better! - I started going out with my fiance!) and I didn't see the band near as often. Still, I followed thier exploits and kept in touch via the now defunct fan2fan list(the list being replaced by a message board on the 'official' site). This section of the web site comemmorates that time period and the fun I had going from place to place, traveling in the Accord That Wouldn't Die.
Backround :
  Granian was formed in late 1995, performing their first show on January 21st, 1996 at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ. Since then they've trekked across the east coast, from New Hampshire to Virginia, west to California.

The original lineup consisted of Garen Gueyikian (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), George Schultz (Bass, Vocals), Chris Nicoletti (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals), and Anthony 'Faz' Fazioli (Drums). 'Faz' left during the recording of the inaugural CD Without Change in the Summer of 1996 to go into law enforcement. The drums were already completed (and the tracks kept) but the search began immediately for a new drummer. It didn't take long; in fact before the artwork for the CD was done, which is why Tim is on the credits and in the picture. They found Tim through Charlie Mills, formerly of Dee Snider's band and Skid Row. Charlie helped the band out by playing a few gigs for them in the interim.

At about this time an issue with the name cropped up. You see, Granian isn't the orignal name of the band. That distinction goes to Grane (Garen's name rearranged). Well, there was a band out of Pittsburgh called Grain. Despite the spelling difference, "Grain" felt it was too close to call; and as they had the name copyrighted, our boys decided to change the name rather than deal with a messy situation. Granian comes from the last three letters of Garen's last name tacked onto the beginning of Grane.
They celebrated the name change (as well as Tim joining the band) with the "grane to granian tour", a short one month burst of shows covering Maryland, Virginia, Massachussetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. The freshly named Granian's debut CD, Without Change, was released on November 30th, 1996; the event commerated with a CD Release party at the Lion's Den NYC.
Subsequent to the release, the band threw it into high gear; playing up and down the east coast; and up again. Along the way some forays into the midwest took place. This pace kept up pretty consitently. In November 1998 Chris left the band due to personal reasons; and they carried on, successfully, as a three piece. They had begun work on a new CD; and were to release a live disc. Both projects were scuttled as the band regrouped and grew used to playing as a trio. Not terribly long after, they decided the trio set up worked quite well; and set about returning to the studio; first in New York and then in California.

Of course now they have to search for a new bass player. George has left to pursue a more normal form of life; his last show was June 9 2000 at the Wetlands. George's departure leaves Garen as the sole remaining original member. They had a guy named Adam playing bass for a litle bit, then he left and was replaced by a guy name Tony. Subsequent to this, Tim left, replaced by the interestingly-named Graycon. Now, Garen is the sole member, period...so Granian is now a one man band in the literal sense.  Anywhoo, the new disc Hang Around was released on October 14 2000. You can hear the bass, the drums have more presence, and the majority of songs are really good. Of course it could be argued that they should be after so long a wait :)   

July 18 2006:
Granian Killed by Kill The Alarm

Well, July 18 seems to be the last day for Granian, and he/they morph into Kill The Alarm

So this page moves further into the history books. I've added tags for 'kill the alarm' so folks searching for it can find this page and make the connection. Interestingly the Granian site references '9 years' but Grane's first show was in January 1996 and formed in late 1995, so in
reality it's been over 10 years since the original band started. Summer of 1996 is when 'Granian' started to be used, so at the least it's "just about 10 years".

Regardless, that's pretty much a wrap for this segment of the site, as it's achieved "static" status apart from maintenance and such.

Grane/Granian 1995-2006

The Way They Were :
Granian 11/98 - 6/00
Tim Shahady; drums -- George Schultz; bass, vocals -- Garen Gueyikian; vocals, acoustic guitar

(photo courtesy official web site)

Some Granian Collectables:

Backstage pass from New Brunswick show with Dowdy Smack and The Outcry.


Old Business Card

The old business card, with the old name.

Halloween gig

Great Halloween party in 1996!

Wetlands Ticket

The first Wetlands show. Note the wrong year on the ticket; the show was on Thursday the 29th, but in 1998, not 1997. Oops.

Wetlands Ad

An ad for the above mentioned Wetlands show. From the Aquarian.

A vintage Granian (Actually Grane) pic, taken at the College of New Jersey:

Chris, Garen, George, Faz

Merchandise, up to date tour dates, sound clips, lyrics, and more available at the official Granian site.
The New CD, Hang Around, was released in October 2000.

Granian Picture Page

There's a Granian Message Board at Imusic. Join the Conversation!
There's also The Unofficial Fan Site
And two Yahoo Clubs:
Granian Fan Club
The Original Granian Fan Association
The scoop on the Granian / Cryptic Void Connection! Read here! And for more info on the musical past of former members Schultz & Nicoletti check out the Band Room.
Last update 7/18/06

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