1981 & 1985 Plymouth Horizon


I've had two Plymouth Horizons; a 1981 Daystar Blue Metallic and a red 1985. I'm currently digging up pictures of the 1981. I don't have any of the '85, but it was the usual mid-late 80s Horizon; Red, with the high back buckets, center console, and horrid carb.
The 1981 car had the VW1.7L engine, good for 63 hp and 83 lb.-ft. of torque. Standard low back bucket seats (vinyl - yuck!), auto trans, AM radio, no rear defrost. It put up with a lot though; and rarely gave me any grief. A great first car.
My '85 was actually quite troublesome; in 20K I replaced the fuel & water pumps;the A/C compressor froze and almost started a fire; there were vacuum leaks galore, the hatch wouldn't stay up; and when I got rid of it it was ready for a new steering rack. 
The 1985 had the utalitarion 2.2L 4, good for around 90 hp. The center console was great; had a handy pop out light and hideable bin at the bottom. The seats were much better, and the fake wood on the dash and door panel was gone; replaced by a more contemporary look. I believe this all took place in 1983; and it didn't change until 1990; when they reconfigured the dash and *finally* moved the HVAC controls from their hiding place to the left of the steering column. The new home was right where the radio was; the latter moving down the center console, which obviously was also reconfigured. The 1990 also got rid of the carb, bringing in TBI fuel injection. An airbag was also added. One may wonder why all these changes were made in the last year of production and not sooner (especially the HVAC controls). Don't ask me, I don't know (little Ozzy reference there :)

Pictures will be up when I find them :)

Last updated 3/11/99