In Memoriam

Dedicated to the thousands of innocents who lost their lives on this tragic day.
American Airlines Flight 11 out of Boston en route to Los Angeles, a Boeing 767, carrying 81 passengers, nine flight attendants and two pilots.
(Impacted One World Trade Center, North Tower, 8:45 AM)
United Airlines Flight 175, from Boston to Los Angeles, a 767 with 56 passengers, two pilots and seven attendants on board.
(Impacted Two World Trade Center, South Tower, 9:03 AM)
American Airlines Flight 77 out of Dulles Airport in Virginia bound for Los Angeles, a Boeing 757 carrying 58 passengers,
four attendants and two pilots.
(Impacted the Pentagon, 9:40 AM)
One World Trade Center - the north tower - collapses.
(9:50 AM)
Two World Trade Center - the south tower - collapses
(10:29 AM)
United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark, New Jersey, bound for San Francisco, a Boeing 757, with 38 passengers, two pilots and five attendants on board.
(Impacted land Near Pittsburgh, confirmed 10:37 AM)
7 World Trade Center falls due to damage from earlier blasts
(5:25 PM)

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"...Freedom isn't about the biggest and fastest or most of anything. Rather, it lies in the simplest of things. Like sitting on a front porch wallowing in a warm summer breeze, or enjoying an idle thought, or harboring the biggest of dreams.
The fact that we're able to experience the simple essence of life is the very basic definition of what our Freedom should mean to all of us.
I for one, will never take this Freedom for granted.
No one living in this country should.
Too many people made the ultimate sacrifice in order for us to be free.
So that we could live our lives the way we want to.
So that we can come and go as we please.
So that we can just be.
So savor it. Breathe it in. Relish it. And be thankful that it's yours."
 -Peter DeLorenzo
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