This is the 1989 Lebaron I drove pre-Neon. It served me well for 105,000 miles, except for the transmission and weak 100 hp four cylinder engine. It was a Highline, with the 2.5L 4 cyl engine and automatic tranny. It came with AM/FM/cassette stereo, AC, rear defroster and little else! But it *was* classy transportation. My driving style just demanded something with a sportier ride, and the Neon blew me away at the right time. Funny thing is, I've actually seen this ride since. I was giving my girlfriend (now wife) a lift to work for a week or so and there she was in the parking lot! Still looks good too...
I've written an article on the Lebaron Coupe; check it out at AllPar. Since that time it's been updated by others, and is a good source of info on the car.
 Here's a link to a REALLY cool 'Baron...Check it out!

Last updated 11/15/05