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This is the place where I put various links strike me as interesting or weird...hope you have a good time!!

Congrats to the 2005 ECHL champs Trenton Titans!

Is IE safe?

Internet Explorer 6 Criticality
Security advisories available at Secunia

All Released Secunia Advisories in 2003-2004 for Mozilla Firefox

Ewing Twp, NJ - where I live

Ewing historical Society

You might be wondering where these funky images came from. Icon Bazzar is the source for most of 'em.

Another cool place is Clip Art Colllection Not just art, but many web design resources.

Imus in the Morning  can be found here, and don't forget  Imus Ranch Foods

If you're from the 80's you owe it to yourself to check out It Came From The 80's.

The obligatory public service site: The Discovery Channel.

The Truth about Sesame Street's Bert can be found at the Bert Is Evil page

CUERVO!! Need I say more?

For those who really like abuse, go to the Abuse a tron or the Post Office

After the post office trip, kick back at the Real Beer Page

Then after a couple pops, head on over to the only REAL football team site: the Dolphins Endzone Too bad the team itself is beat, but...

And the ONLY Hockey teams that really matter: The New Jersey Devils and the 2005 champion Trenton Titans 

What? You want more? Okay...

Have you Yahoo'd lately??

Sci Fi Dominion is home to many more oddities.

For still more oddities, try Parascope News

Mapquest and Mapblast can help you find that elusive place you've been searching for...

What does your name say about you? Find out. Some very interesting stuff.

 Remember Battlestar Galactica? This was one of my favorite shows. Just forget about that horrid 'Galactica 1980' they came out with after they realized they screwed up when they first canceled the original... The new one is really, really good though.

Check out these cool sites by Craig Broadman

Looking to lighten a sour mood? After checking out my own Funny Stuff page, surf on over to the sexy Hoot Island and the simply nutty Zooass. You won't regret it!

And then head over to Jokes.com....you'll laugh for hours...

 My Friends' pages:
ohn & Eileen  
 Joe Ryan  Renee 

Always looking for more sites for this page; if you know of any interesting ones let me know! Mail
 Last updated 5/17/05

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