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Here's an always rarely growing list of bands you should listen to :)

Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull has always been one of my favorites. Explore these sites and find out why; and discover one of the Masters of music - Ian Anderson

Jethro Tull's official web site; maintained by the band and Fuel2000 Records.

Jethro Tull - The Print Archive A huge collection of Tull articles put online. A treasure trove of articles and information. A very "live" site.

Read my review of Dot Com here.

Yahoo's Tull page. Links and info.

The Jethro Tull WWW Server has loads of Tull info. Simple and easy to navigate, plus it's where you join the Tull mail list: The St. Cleve Chronicle. Note that the Chronicle seems to have disappeared. Fear not; you can still Talk Tull:

Talktull is a great Tull list; sometimes bordering on general conversation more than Tull. But it's a great group and we always get back to Ian & Co. eventually :)

Collecting Tull is a very well done site with tons of Tull material.

Cup of Wonder Tull lyric annotations and more; an excellent site.

The Jethro Tull Lyric Library holds a treasure trove of Tull lyrics.

Casey's Tull Page An eclectic site for an eclectic band...

Flying Colours "Your #1 Jethro Tull Information Resource"; tons of Tull info.


The Webb Section has moved to it's own page!


Guster is a great band out of Boston who should be bigger than they are. Great sense of humor as well. You really need to pay this site a visit.

Music News

The one; the only...Metal Sludge!
More metal news at Blabbermouth

Pitriff online is another good news site.
Reuters Music
Other music links
Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour -  Free audio *and* video of concerts. Very cool stuff, be prepared to stay awhile.

Quasi-country act Big & Rich. Very cool stuff.

Judas Priest, with Rob Halford back in tow
and the brand new Angel of Retribution CD !

The Diablo Sandwich band  Local NJ cover act

Disturbed, one of the few newer bands that's really got me going.

Evanescence is another one

Tool is an AWESOME band; check out the Toolshed and the official site.

 Iron Maiden! Here's a couple great sites; the official site and Kheldan's Iron Maiden Pit site. It hasn't been updated in, literally, years though. 

Looking for a comprehensive Black Sabbath site? Click here.

Have you heard of Heather Nova? You should. Go there, listen, see, and learn.

Never forget... Primus Sucks!

A band out of Lexington, Kentucky: Gold Tooth Display

Don't forget my Granian and Cryptic Void pages

Oh, and even though St. Anger sounds...not so good...I'm still a Metallica fan :)

The Band Room: A tour of the past.

I have seen quite a few Northeast bands. Here's a sample:

The Recipe out of West Virginia. I've only seen these guys once; at a Granian show in NYC some time ago. I liked them so much I bought the CD. I liked the CD so much I kept a lookout for them online. Recently I stumbled onto their website; and have found they have a new CD. I bought it as well; and it is very good :)

Foxtrot Zulu is a great band out of Rhode Island. A seven piece with horns & bongos. Great fun!

The name Strangefolk pretty well sums up this band; good jams.

Burlap to Cashmere was another great outfit of the late 90s.

For a heavier experience, with a dash of flute thrown in, try Attic of Love.

Check out Joe Ryan's Concert Photography And I don't mean fuzzy shots from the 153rd row...to see (and BUY!) )more check out Joe's site. Real nice stuff; and not just the Dead.

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A couple great shows from early 1998, I thought I'd just commemorate them here... see below for Foxtrot Zulu link..

More music sites as they come across the wire... 
 ...but for now why not check out the rest of the site?

Last updated 2/28/06

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