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2005 Touring Edition Dark Plum PT Cruiser - "His"

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Periodic PT Updates

Plummer is our "Original" PT, joining the fleet in June 2005 and coming
to us only a few months old and with 22 miles on the odometer. Plummer
is both the youngest vehicle I've taken posession and had the fewest
miles. After being on my 'gotta have list' since 1999, the stars aligned
and it was PT time at last.

One Year With Plummer June 24 2006
Well, that was a fast year! It was a Friday, last June 24th. We arrived at the dealer at 2 pm to finalize things and do a once over. All was well, and shortly thereafter we were on our way. He had 22 miles on the odometer (the below pictures were taken at a local mall parking lot, with 28 miles on the clock). June 24 2006 closed with a very soggy Plummer (we had torrential rains!) showing 11,700 miles on the odometer, some slight additions (not yet pictured, but including chrome vent knobs & door pulls, and stainless steel window switch cover, dash speaker and vent surrounds) and not a single trip to the dealer that wasn't user error (the 2/3 rear seat jammed; still not quite sure how I did that). He's got a couple door dings on the drivers side passenger door that will have to be attended to, but other than that he's been flawless.
Two Years With Plummer June 24 2007
They say the years go faster and faster, and this seems to be holding true. This particular June 24 Plummer had the day off, as we took Little Devil out for the day. There've been a couple additions, chrome bumper strips and chrome shifter surround. Plummer's continued to be rock solid in all aspects as the amazing utility of the PT Cruiser has shown itself
again and again. Plummer now has 23,000 miles on the odometer and is as solid as when we drove him off the lot two years ago....the door dings are still there but haven't been added to, so maybe I'll just leave well enough alone...
Three Years With Plummer June 24 2008
Wow, three years. Odometer clicked over 35000 on June 23rd, continuing the trend of just under 12k a year. Plummer continues to be rock solid, but is in need of a bath....inside and out!

Mods done to Plummer!!

Plummer6 Plummer7
Plummer8 Plummer9
Plummer10 Plummer11
Plummer12 Plummer13

Stat sheet:
2005 PT Cruiser Touring Edition in Dark Plum Pearl Coat, with Dark Slate Gray interior. Build date April 14 2005.

Notable Standard features:
Power locks, windows, mirrors.
CD Player with changer capability, six premium speakers
Air conditioning
Fold Flat passenger seat
Multi-position rear shelf
Underseat storage bin
Options/option packages: 
Auto trans w/ Dark Slate shift ball
Moon Roof (includes Light Group)
Deep Tint Sunscreen Glass
Speed Control
Drivers' seat power Height Adjuster
What's Special:
2005 is the last year for the 'classic' PT body and interior, and the first year for the one-piece trunk latch
2005 PT Brochure
2005 PT Cruiser Brochure

From top left:
Two shots of the Plum dash panels
The unique and artful door handles
'Classic' PT lighting
That grille...
The Dark Slate interior front and back

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