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TNT was one of my favorite bands of the 80s; and I've never been sure quite why. Not as heavy as my usual fare; yet with great riffs and melodies.

TNT were formed in Norway in 1982; I found them via the Metal Shop show on 94 WYSP in Philly. Seven Seas was the song; and from then on I tried to follow the band. It wasn't always easy; and still isn't! At this point this page is simply a short discography/album review and list o' links. Hopefully it will grow with time...

Tony Harnell departed from TNT in April 2006, and ex-Shy vocalist Tony Mills came on board in May 2006.

Note: Names in [brackets] are associate members.

All The Way To The Sun (2005)

Personnel: Harnell (vox), Le Tekro (guit), Dahl (drums), [Ringsby (bass)]
This album marks a 'first' and a 'last': The first album since 1982 without Morty Black and the last to feature the vocal talents of Tony Harnell. This is also the first time TNT has published records in consecutive years, and in fact All The Way To The Sun sounds a bit rushed. The title track, Driving, Ready To Fly and The Letter are highlights. They also cover Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World'. I was really looking forward to hearing how they'd interpret it, but unfortunately it's just awful. Frankly it's unlistenable. 'Ordinary Lover' off of Intuition still ranks as their all time worst song, but this is solidly in second place.

2004's My Religion pretty much set the bar for 'classic TNT' and this
album follows in it's path. Other than it's not-so-Wonderful cover,
there isn't a great amount of experimentation here. What you get is what you usually have gotten from TNT (typically good pop metal), I get the same feeling from it as from Realized Fantasies; so it gets the same rating. It's solidly recommended.

 Overall Rating: 7/10

My Religon (2004)

Personnel: Harnell (vox), Le Tekro (guit), Black (bass), Dahl (drums), [Stokke (keys)] 

The old logo is back, as is the old drummer! Diesel Dahl is back in the fold. The music? Classic 80s Pop Metal, TNT style, filtered through the wisdom of the intervening years. An excellent effort which lacks some of the experimentation of the last two releases, but it is a fine representation of what TNT does best.  Overall Rating: 7.7/10

Transistor (1999)

Personnel: Harnell (vox), Le Tekro (guit), Black (bass), [Lamoy (formerly Hansen) (drums), Stokke (keys)]

Producer: Ken Ingwersen

A new logo, and a new/old sound. Transistor accomplishes what Firefly set out to do; mix the classic TNT sound with something a bit more current that 1985. And you know what? It works. This is a very good album. Mousetrap, No Such Thing, Into Pieces and Wide Awake exlempify the sound of this one. Under My Pillow does not; it's a ballad, and a duet to top it off. The other party is Ronni's cousin. Very uusual for TNT, but they pull it off. A little more experimentation like this would've sparked the score up a little, but it rates pretty highly as it is. Overall Rating: 8/10

Firefly & Live (1997)


Studio:Harnell (vox), Le Tekro (guit), Black (bass), [Hansen (drums), Stokke (keys)]

Live: Harnell (vox), Le Tekro (guit), Black (bass), Macaluso (drums)

Producer: TNT (Except Soldier of the Light: Bob Icon)

Firefly and Live comes across as a bit of a mish-mash in more than one way. The first 8 songs are studio recordings, the last 5 are live; taken from 1992's Realized Fantasies tour.

The studio efforts are a mixed bag, from the heaviness of Somebody Told You to the Alice In Chains style Firefly to the appropriately trippy Tripping. It seems as if the band isn't sure where to go; to become (gasp!) "alternative", keep on chugging as TNT, or mellow out. Interestingly, the songs that make the best impression on this effort are the slower ones: Tripping, Month of Sundays and Daisy Jane. Tony Harnell puts in a fine vocal performance on those tracks. Overall the studio tracks are very experimental, a fact that didn't sit well with many fans of the band who became concerned at the direction they were taking.

The live tracks are less interesting, particularly the self-indulgent Guitar Solo, which is...a guitar solo! The other tracks are fine, but I would have rather had the missing Firefly songs that got dumped in favor of these for the U.S. release. Overall Rating: 6/10

Realized Fanatasies (1992)

Personnel: Harnell (vox), Le Tekro (guit), Black (bass), Macaluso (drums) [Stokke, Tancredi, Kopetic, Wood (keys)]

Producer: Ric Wake

This is a very good disc overall. Lionheart, Rain, and Indian Summer rank up with the best the band has come up with. Tony's voice is a little rougher on this one. Personally I found little surprising in this disc; it's what I expected to hear from TNT. If you like earlier TNT, you'll like RF. Overall Rating: 7/10

Intuition (1989)

Personnel: Harnell (vox), Le Tekro (guit), Black (bass), Odiin (drums), [Bjerkestrand, Stokke (keys)]

Producer: Bjorn Nessjoe

Intuition should've broken the band, but troubles at Polygram resulted in less of a push than it deserved. Likely the bands most popular effort, Intuition contains some great tracks: Caught Between the Tigers, Tonight I'm Falling, Intuition, Learn to Love. It also contains the single worst track TNT ever recorded: Ordinary Lover with Ronni "singing" on it. Instant skip material. The CD features the best artwork on a TNT release. Overall Rating: 8/10

Tell No Tales (1987)

Personnel: Harnell (vox), Le Tekro (guit), Black (bass), Dahl (drums), Svendsen (keys)

Producer: Bjorn Nessjoe

TNT---Tell No Tales--- Get it? This album simply rocks from beginning to end, it's all a highlight except maybe Child's Play, but even that is hardly a filler tune. In my opinion this is easily the bands' best album; the growth achieved here over the previous album is simply outstanding. If your going to buy one TNT disc; this should be it. Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Knights of the New Thunder (1984)

Personnel: Harnell (vox), Le Tekro (guit), Black (bass), Dahl (drums), Svendsen (keys)

Producer: Bjorn Nessjoe

The U.S. debut and the first with American Tony Harnell. Knights is a very spotty record; Seven Seas, Tor with the Hammer, Knights of the Thunder and Eddie are very good tracks. The rest of it, to be honest, is not very good. Silly lyrics, repetitive choruses, and just plain corny concepts mar the seven other tracks. No matter how good the good ones are, when you have more filler than quality material, it hurts your score: Overall Rating: 4/10


Personnel: Ingebrigtsen (vox), Le Tekro (guit), Eikum (bass), Dahl (drums)

Producer: Unknown

I do not have and have never heard this album. If anyone has and cares to submit a review, please do :) Overall Rating: N/A

Westworld is another project Tony Harnell is involved in; they released their self-titled debut in 1999. The biggest thing that tells you it's not TNT is the lack of Ronni's guitar playing. Westworld is very good though; and last I heard they're planning on releasing another disc with the same lineup. I've also heard the debut is no longer in print, so look carefully if you want to find it...
They've since released Skin, Live in the Flesh and Cyber Dreams.

Westworld: Tony Harnell: Vocals - Mark Reale: Guitars - Bruno Ravel: Bass - John O'Reilly: Drums
The official TNT Website 

 Yutaka's Home of the TNT Mailing List
Westworld web site

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