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The Plymouth Center is a place where the Plymouth brand is remembered, and an attempt to connect the reader with Plymouth oriented material, in order to keep the spirit alive. 

JUNE 11,1928  - JUNE 28, 2001
Goodbye Plymouth. - Press release announcing the end
Click here for a tribute to a slice of America

The Sailboat is sunk, the victim of horrific management and marketing, on 11/3/99.
You deserved better. Plymouth had been horribly mismanaged for years and had been
on life support since shortly after the introduction of the Neon.

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Recently there have been some rumblings over the viability of  the idea that the Plymouth brand might have a place in the DCX empire. Several Allpar Blog entries float the idea.

Let's explore it.

Traditionally, Plymouth was the Toyota of it's day; a purveyor of stable, sane family transportation. With the brand gone, that ground has had to be covered not only by Chrysler (the PT Cruiser was meant to be a Plymouth) but by Dodge. This not only results in a downmarket trend in the Chrysler brand but a muddling of the Dodge brand as well. Dodge not only has to address it's core trucks and sport-themed cars, but also the entry level segments.  A return of Plymouth, comprised of the PT Cruiser, the Voyager/Grand Voyager, and entry level versions of the  midsize sedan based off the future Avenger/Sebring and a LX sedan would free up Chrysler to move upmarket and Dodge to concentrate on the sporty offerings it's best at. A revived Plymouth would have to be comprised of vehicles that (unlike the last many years of its history) would NOT be twins of related Dodges and Chryslers - a trend Chrysler seems to be moving away from in any event. They need not come with leather interiors, but would have value friendly packages available bundling common options. The focus would be on solid value over excitement, on bread and butter vehicles over high style (with the exception of the PT Cruiser!).  Above all, there would have to be a definite 'price level' that each brand would occupy. This would lessen the direct competition between brands - best exemplified by the "DodgePlymouth" Neon that was the same car, down to the penny and down to the smallest fastener.

It is true that some marketing muscle would have to be put behind the revitalization effort to reverse the years of neglect the brand suffered. However, I believe that in the long term the investment would easily be recouped.

Last Updated 3/17/06
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