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About This Site

 Richweb was originally on Earthlink's servers and served as an experiment in messing with Claris Homepage, which came to me bundled with, I believe, my first CD-Rom drive; a whopping 2x speed model! The site went live on November 2nd, 1997, but I actually stuck with Homepage for many years. The site outgrew the space available to me on Earthlink's servers, so I moved it to the ill-fated Xoom. Xoom offered 20 megabytes and no banners. That changed however, and they inserted code into people's pages that really messed them up and made intrusions by Geocities and Tripod look mild. I bailed, and streamlined the site so that it would fit on the Earthlink space. Not long after Allpar.com offered site space in a bid to take advantage of one of the many 'free webspace' outfits that popped up before the net went bust. I jumped at it as the space was there. After a short while the experiment seemed to falter, and the end result was that Richweb found a new home - but with the same address - on Allpar's server itself.  Content wise, much on the Funny Stuff and Misc. pages is pretty much museum quality by now, but the Neon pages were regularly updated while the car was in production, and the PT pages are similarly kept up to date. I've tried to keep the front page tweaked and have added pages, particularly ones that are music related, in an attempt to keep the site somewhat fresh.  I've also linked to other smaller sites that I've created and made Richweb the 'home base'.

It's really shocking that it's going to be 10 years later this year. Back when Richweb started, there was no Myspace or Facebook or the like, and the personal home page was the be-all and end-all of small scale individual web presence.  I hope that Richweb offers up a solid example of what the old fashioned personal home page was. I also hope to add content to the home page and maybe make it a little more interactive as the 10 year anniversary date itself approaches.

Richweb was originally created with Claris Homepage, which was supplanted by Trellian Webpage  

Spent some time playing with Netscape Composer, Now using: Nvu.

Document made with Nvu
Web browser of choice is Mozilla Firefox 1.5

 Built on an Emachines T3265; 2.2ghz AMD3200+ w/512mb RAM; Running XPHome.

Previous computers used in the creation of this site:
IBM-compatible Pentium 233/MMX with 64 mb ram. Running Windows98SE Mostly self constructed/deconstructed :)
 Acer Aspire 300 MHZ, 256mb ram, Win98SE.
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