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The Band Room
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I've hung out with quite a few bands over the years, and have accumulated various momentos. As time allows, I plan on putting some of these things up here. At the moment, I have brief summaries of the bands that will be featured here:

Third Degree
 MT Glass
Bug Head

 HitnRun Logo

DugoutRock Horse

Listen to Purple Grenadine

I came to know Hit-N-Run when George (formerly of
Granian) joined them. He learned of them through Chris Nicoletti (also formerly of Granian, now with Life in the Balance). How he knew Chris is explained here, so I won't go through that again. This was after Cryptic Void disbanded, but before Third Degree got things going. Here are some ticket stubbs; The Dugout is from 1993 and I believe Marita's is from 1991. They played there all the time so the memory is kinda fuzzy.


Ahhh, the late great Stone Pony. Hit-N-Run played there a few times; including a July 4 performance. That wasn't this show however :) If any former band members recognize this and can tell me the year of this show please let me know! It was one of the highlight shows of the bands' career.

Demo CoverDemo Inside

This is the last (and best) demo. It contains newer songs, as well as remixes of the first and second tapes. End of the Road & Turn Around are off the first demo; Radar Love is from the second; and the rest were newly recorded. When I can, I'll put up some .wav files off this tape. The other two were also self-titled and recorded in 1990. This one was recorded between September and October 1991. It happens to be my favorite because it contains all the songs of the other two (except an original off the first one called Tonite) plus three songs not on the others. The sound quality is also better than the previous efforts-which is partly why this was recorded in the first place!

Band Photo

Hit-N-Run left to right: Terry Rod (drums), George Schultz (bass), Pam DiMeglio (vocals), Chris Nicoletti (guitar), Frank Caputo (guitar).

This is the line up that they had when I first knew them. Later on it changed, at one point including John Schultz from Cryptic Void, Third Degree, and Bug Head. One big incestuous bunch! The instrumentation changed a bit as well; dual guitar; single guitar; add keyboards; delete keyboards....The final incarnation was quite different than this one, with only George and Pam remaining from this crew. The end came when Pam moved to Boston in early summer 1993.

Hit-N-Run Circa 1990
George Schultz - Terry Rod - Pam DiMeglio - Frank Caputo - Chris Nicoletti

Hit-N-Run Circa 1991
Chris NIcoletti - Francis Haddad - Terry Rod - George Schultz - Pam DiMeglio

My buddy Terry's comments on the page:


I got a big kick out of seeing my face on your page...thanks a bunch dude. Then I realized that you didnt mention much about me and how cool I am and that I'm living in sunny florida and am still single and you know stuff like putting my e-mail address in there somewhere incase any stray women want to get in touch with me or if any one wants to send me money or a car or anything else like that.

So any way you have your work cut out for you lets see and hear more about the adventures of good-ole T Rod. Thanks again dude good work.

T Rod

All eligble females can e-mail Terry here !


Third Degree

3rd  Degree Cover3rd Degree  Demo Inside

Third Degree formed out of the ashes of Cryptic Void. It took a long time to get things rolling, what with the three remaining Voiders being extremely busy. The line up eventually solidified, with Lori Wright (wife of Cryptic Void drummer Eric Gottleib-yet another connection among all these groups) on vocals and drummer D.J. Johnston joining the Schultz brothers and John Weber. Weber left before this demo was recorded; but returned in time to be credited as a band member when the inlay card was printed. They pressed on for a couple years without much headway and eventually everyone split to pursue other interests. NEW! Listen to Wednesday Song


 MT Glass

MTGlass Cover

MTGlass Inside

When Chris Nicoletti left Hit-N-Run, he joined MT Glass; a pure cover band. MT Glass played mostly in the Hightstown and Bordentown NJ area. They played a mean version of Webb Wilder's Tough It Out. After Hit-N-Run's final incarnation split up, George came aboard. There were no lineup changes until Chris left to join Granian. The band really slowed after that; and more so when George followed Chris not long after. Singer Frank Cinquegrana moved to Montana but is back in the area. He's also a dad; as is drummer Dave Holonics. NEW!
Listen to Backwater (Meat Puppets)

Frank, and occasionally Dave and apparently Chris, now has a new project called Fish Ticket. Click the image to go their site!


Bug Head
Bug Head Cover
Bug Head Inside

Bug Head was a studio project by John Schultz of Cryptic Void, Third Degree and Hit-N-Run, and his friend Mike Gross. It's a real cool tape and when I can, I'll put some .wav files up from it. This stuff should be heard. No live dates were performed, and the tape was constructed around very busy schedules. It took over a year to produce.

Oh yeah, in the photo at left, the goof on top is Mike and the goof on the bottom is John. NEW! Listen to Mind Control

Hopefully at some point I'll have more to add here :) Hope you enjoyed the trip!

 Last updated 6/28/07
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