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Welcome to Richweb! I started this site back in 1997, and it's grown in fits and starts since then. It's hard to believe it's been ten years already! Originally it was one long page with tons of pictures on it and a 'wood' background! At this point there's a lot of info on PT Cruisers and Neons & other Mopar, some stuff on musical acts ranging from TNT to Jethro Tull to Webb Wilder, and some other miscellaneous odds and ends, old and new. I've fairly recently updated the navigation and (I hope) made it a bit easier to get around the place. So, enjoy, sign the guestbook, check out the About page for a retrospective, and thanks for stopping by!
Much thanks to Dr. David Zatz and ALLPAR.comfor providing server space for this website. If you've any questions or comments about any product associated with the late great Chrysler Corp or Daimlerchrysler, the ill fated Cerberus owned Chrysler Holdings LLC or the latest iteration, Chrysler Group LLC, Allpar is the place to go. I also have a blog on Allpar; check it out!
 August 3, 2007: The end of the Daimler nightmare at last! After nine long years as the default whipping boy of Daimlerchrysler and Mercedes, Chrysler LLC is officially the home of the Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep brands, and Chrysler Financial. The classic Pentastar has also made a return with a 3D look. Hurrah!

Above: The new Chrysler sign, and Daimler in the dirt.

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We'll be making our first appearance at the Hightstown fall festival on October 8th 2010!

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Latest Updates
7/3/10 - update PT 2010 data

9/25/09 - Crocheted Creations by LP shows updated

9/2/09 - Data on the real last year of the PT....

4/14/09 - new info on Webb Wilder!

2/17/09 - Final details on the last year of the PT

8/18/08 - 2009 PT detail including return of the Dream Cruiser

6/25/08 - Plummer update

3/18/08 - PT center console highlights

3/3/08 - 2008 PT information finalized

10/12/07 - a PT update

8/14/07 - Sunset Boulevard Edition PT Cruiser

8/6/07 - Added 'New Chrysler' info, and Crocheted Creations by LP shows

7/29/07 - A pictorial comparison between the 'original' and 'current' PT's

7/26/07 - Added preliminary data on the 2008 PT Cruiser

7/2/07 - added some images to the PT page

6/28/07 - The bandroom has a new addition: rising from the long cooled ashes of MT Glass is Fish Ticket!

Older updates are now archived here

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Main Sections

PT Cruiser (Our PTs and General PT Info including timeline and selected links)
Neon (Neon timeline, many links Neon & Mopar,  lots on my old Neon)
The Plymouth Center (Opinions and information on Plymouth)


Webb Wilder - Last of the Full Grown Men
Jethro Tull - Experience the genius of Ian Anderson. Also other music links
TNT - Underappreciated 80s metal
Cryptic Void - Underappreciated and unsigned 80s metal
Bandroom - Bands I'd hung with back in the day
Granian - Acoustic/pop act I hung with not as far back in the day

...And More

Funny Stuff - Jokes & such
The Strange Page - Oddball links that didn't fit anywhere else
Computer - Our computer
Pets - Our dog & cat
Crocheted Creations by LP at WWP - 12/3/05 craft show
Help me learn more about our antique radio! - It's an old Zenith
Our Home - a couple of house pictures


Crocheted Creations by LP - handmade crafts
Allpar Blog - Random Reflections (on Mopar and other matters)

Our Fifth Avenue - All about our former 1992 Fifth
Trenton Titans - 2005 ECHL Champs
1990-1993 New Yorker Fifth Avenue (On Allpar)
1987-1995 Lebaron Coupe/Convertible (On Allpar)

**Recommended Link**
Visit Ghost Town. Ghost Town is a "town that one can ride through with no stoplights, no police and no danger of hitting any living thing." Absolutely riveting. The same author has also created a site on the recent Ukrainian election crisis, and the Serpents Wall, a look at a WWII vintage (and older) defense system. Good stuff!

Look out for the water!

Left:Meet Eve, our dog. She's a Pitbull/Pointer/Beagle mix.
Right: Pointer, the cat.
 And now....a page all their own

The Daimler takeover is doing better than anticipated, but this is still funny :)

 If you have any comments /suggestions to make this site better drop me a line. Thanks!
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