Here are listings of old updates to the site going back to January 2001:

8/18/08 - 2009 PT detail including return of the Dream Cruiser
6/25/08 - Plummer update
3/18/08 - PT center console highlights
3/3/08 - 2008 PT information finalized

10/12/07 - a PT update
8/14/07 - Sunset Boulevard Edition PT Cruiser
8/6/07 - Added 'New Chrysler' info, and Crocheted Creations by LP shows
7/29/07 - A pictorial comparison between the 'original' and 'current' PT's
7/26/07 - Added preliminary data on the 2008 PT Cruiser
7/2/07 - added some images to the PT page
6/28/07 - The bandroom has a new addition: rising from the long cooled ashes of MT Glass is Fish Ticket!

6/27/07 - Two years with Plummer!
6/22/07 - Updated brochure listing
1/16/07 - Updated Webb page, and added weather as part of the 10th Anniversary deal
1/5/07 - Happy New Year! Updated About page with 10th Anniversary information

11/16/06 - Added to the brochure listing
11/9/06 - Celebrating one year with Little Devil (11/10/06)
11/7/06 - More PT stuff, tweaked the Dream/Street Cruiser pages
11/3/06 - Added to PT History section

8/29/06 - Prettied up the PT history section with some pictures
8/20/06 - Webb Wilder's new DVD lands! A review is here
8/18/06 - Added special edition PT pages
8/15/06 - PT Page updated with new Street Cruiser edition
8/10/06 - Added show dates for Crocheted Creations by LP
8/7/06 - Updated Little Devil's page
8/3/06 - Updated PT page

7/31/06 - Tweaked some old stuff. Added two pics to the Neon's interior page and replaced the Lebaron pic with a better version.
7/30/06 - More Plummer updates!
7/24/06 - Some PT updates! Plummer has some mods to show off, and Little Devil has newly restored lettering on the dash!
7/18/06 - Likely last update to the Granian page as he/they transition to Kill The Alarm
7/13/06 - General maintenance & cleanup
7/11/06 - Updated TNT page
6/26/06 - Show season is done til fall; updated brochure list. June 24 saw one year anniversary of Plummer joining the fleet! Also, news of Webb Wilder's new CD/DVD coming this summer!

4/28/06 - 2007 PT changes listed
4/24/06 - Minor tweak to this page and to the Radio page
4/5/06 - For the first time since 2001 (at least!) there's a new introduction, and a further tweak of the home page.

3/22/06 Another revival - the list of car brochures, newly updated, ranging from a 1951 Buick Special to a 2007 Dodge Caliber
3/17/06 - Revived the Plymouth Center and associated pages

2/28/06 - Webb Wilder graduates to his own page!
2/14/06 - Tweaked the PT pages
2/13/06 - Updated craft show info for Crocheted Creations by LP
1/13/06 - Added to the 'old updates' page; fleshed out the past!
1/3/06 - Happy New Year! Added to the PT Timeline

12/28/05 - WWP photos, some slight tweaking on the index page
11/11/05 - Created photo page for the 'new' 2004 PT, and for Plummer, and tweaked the main PT page
10/28/05 - Moved 2001 PT info to it's own page
9/28/05 - Some more Neon and PT tweaks, and the resuscitation of the 2nd gen Neon page in honor of the Neon going out of production
8/12/05 - Timeline additions to the Neon and PT pages, new main menu on this page
8/10/05 - Tweaks to the PT Page

7/14/05 - Spotted! The old Neon! Last pic on this page. Also, new pic of PT's hatch latch.
7/7/05 - PT Cruiser page updated
6/25/05 - The final Neon Update posted.

6/24/05 - Big news! See the PT Cruiser page for details!
6/14/05 - A Neon Update, some more design updating, old updates now relocated
5/26/05 - Some more tweaks, a Neon Update, some new stuff on the Music Page
5/24/05 - First hints of a site redesign/major tweak.
5/17/05 - Updated the Strange Page for the first time in ages. Cleaned up some bum links...
5/12/05 - Fast and furious, info on the new Webb Wilder compilation Scattered, Smothered & Covered

4/15/05 Webb's About Time reviewed
4/4/05 - The long awaited Webb album About Time arrives today! More here
3/19/05 - In tweaking the site a bit I lost some Neon images; please ignore the blanks until I can replace them :)
3/9/05 - Slight tweaks to About and Blackbirdfest pages, started playing with Nvu web editor

2/8/05 - Raised the profile of the Guestbook a bit
2/4/05 - Update to the Webb section of the Music page
1/26/05 - For the first time in over a year...a Neon Update!
1/13/05 - For the new year, a new background!
1/7/05 - Welcome 2005! We'll start it off with an update to the Webb Wilder part of my Music page

12/30/04 - Last update of 2004! Some tweaks to the Music page
10/15/04 - Finally, mp3s available at Cryptic Void and Bandroom!
10/4/04 - Blackbirdfest (Webb Wilder) pictures and story online!
8/31/04 - On a personal note,as of 8/30/04 we've finally gone broadband :) Wheee!
7/28/04 - Finally...some housecleaning on the Music page
7/17/04 - It's baaaaack! Brought back thanks to the Wayback Machine; it's an edited version of our house site, which disappeared in late 2002. It's aliiiive!
3/27/04 - An update to the TNT page; a blurb about the new album My Religon 
3/20/04 - More tweaking; and a plug for Webb Wilder! 
3/13/04 - I am updating and tweaking behind the scenes..if you find bad links *please* let me know at richhutch (at) earthlink (dot) net. Thanks! 
3/2/04 - A new computer for us! 
2/6/04 - Neon update, new pic of Eve on this page, added link on pets page.

9/6/03 - A Neon Update posted.
7/16/03 - Two things! If you didn't notice up top, our pets now have a page. Also, Neon Tao is explained on this new effort. 
7/3/03 - Wow, two updates in less than a month :) Trying out a new design program. Look for a page on our pets coming soon!
6/6/03 - Happy 2003 :-) Been a long time. Still here though; hope to update more often than once or twice a year now. But we'll see. The site still generates emails, so I know y'all are out there and visiting; I
wish I had more new content fer ya. Don't give up on me yet :)

8/11/02 - A Neon update! Finally!!!! Slight tweaks to the Neon and Music pages.
5/12/02 - Neon Update done.
4/5/02 - Neon update! Also added Sites page. Strange page updated
3/24/02 - Update to TNT page
2/24/002 - A Neon Update.
2/5/02 - Updated Neon History to include 2002 and beyond models
1/17/02 Finally a pic of our pup, and a Neon Update

12/27/01 - Happy New Year! I closed out the year on a slow note, but have added a couple images to the Cryptic Void pages, and Santas gifts to Chrysler in the editorial section.
12/14/01 - Fixed images that didn't make the originial upload
11/20/01 - I may just have some time now to work on the site as...I've been laid off :( Ah well.
11/3/01 - Whew! Finally got computer hooked up in new home! I'm now a newlywed, and we have a dog. Other than that..nothing much new :-P
9/12/01 - Added Memorial page remembering those who lost their lives in the attacks on our land.
8/14/01 - Added table of contents to Neon page
8/11/01 - Minor additions to Cryptic Void, brochure list and Neon Update pages.
8/06/01 - Condensed the home page and moved some stuff (Like the Plymouth material) over to it's own central page.
7/26/01 - Various and sundry housekeeping duties; page on the last Plymouth produced.
7/17/01 - Links fixed to eliminate creation of new windows.
7/16/01 - Here now: a different look. Gone: Frames. Coming: pics from the Cryptic Void Reunion (minus 1)
7/14/01 - Summer has been busy and the site has suffered....a belated Neon Update is posted... Pease check out Allpar's News & Rumors message board, which I've been moderating for a little while now...
6/12/01 - Recieved and added current pic of Mark to the Cryptic Void Page
6/6/01 - Neon Update; two new cat pics
5/8/01 - Added the Richweb Manifesto (or, Let's Find Out Who's Oversensitive!).
5/3/01 - Minor addition to Neon page; disclaimer added. 
4/19/01 - Fixed broken image on Cryptic Void page - finally. Also began to collect current pictures of the band (some will undoubtedly be easier than others!)
4/6/01 - Well, in between heavy workloads, the new house, and trying to squeeze an answer out of tech support dweebs, I've managed a small update. The latest Neon Update, update to the PT
Cruiser page! Nifty item on there too...take a look. Till next time....
3/27/01 - OK, the site host (Northsky) pissed me off. You've likely already read that above. Stay tuned.
3/10/01 - Another Neon Update & misc. fixings here & there
2/28/01 - Joined Save Chrysler and added links
2/8/01 - Some new Neon pictures
2/3/01 - Monthly Neon Update posted & minor historical updates to the Neon page
1/19/01 - Minor tweaks to Front and Cryptic Void pages
1/18/01 - An addition to the Cryptic Void page; more pictures!
1/16/01 - Some general housecleaning and putting away of the remaining holiday decorations. New (really!) Roadies gig dates
1/8/01 - Minor fixing of broken links on Neon and Music pages