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Pet Pictures

Following are some pics on our two pets, the cat Pointer and the dog Eve.



Pointer is about 10 years old, a domestic shorthair. He came with my wife. Above is one of his favorite poses. He was adopted out of a shelter; his former owner couldn't keep him.

Some more of Pointer:

Pointer found the armoire before I could load clothes in it......

Upside down on the couch; typical pose

In winter Pointer can often be found soaking up the heat from the vents

He stole this blanket for himself when we were moving in our house

Another blanket stealing act, in the living room. That's me in the corner.

Ah, it's lit. Perfect to fall asleep in front of.


It's not lit, so he didn't stay in front of the fireplace long

Another favorite spot is on newspapers. Whether or not they're being read at the time.

cat on couch
Pointer comfy on the couch





Eve came to us a little more than a month after we were married. She's 7/8 years old, and like Pointer, adopted. She was underweight and very skittish, having been abandoned in an apartment for six months, and then spending another six in the shelter. She's a Pit Bull, Pointer (ironically) and Beagle mix. It took about six months, but the two now get along fine, and Pointer has reassumed his position as Head of Household. Eve is a lot more camera shy than Pointer, so it's harder to get pics of her. She's a big love bug. Here's some pics we've managed to snag::

The first pic we got of her. Pretty much skin & bones


Eve's stolen a couple seat cushions on us

See? Her and her bones...

"Ohhhh, I hate that camera...."

"Er, can you let me in?...."

Poor thing can't even hide under the recliner...

Eve sunning in the yard...

Eve just loves the snow.....

And finally...the two together.


Eve came to us through Friends of Homeless Animals

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Learn more about Pit Bulls:The Real Pit Bull and The Pitbull Press  

Last update 9/27/05

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