Cryptic Void in Words and (Mostly) Pictures
Well, I finally have some pictures!!
I'll try to go in order..

Mark I
Top: George Schultz, Mike Caldwell.
Bottom: John Schultz, Mark Bainbridge, John Weber.
September, 1987
The trio that eventually would form the nucleous of Third Degree
A VERY early Void; before Mark joined the fold. Above is a Battle of the Bands at West Windsor Plainsboro H.S.
Terror in the Woods. Notice the 'body' hanging in the backround. I'm up there somewhere :-) Now with Mark, as you an tell!
The next few were taken at Caldwells' - On the deck.
Weber & Caldwell
Merry Christmas from Cryptic Void!!
A professional shot, as used on a flyer.
There's more....Mike Caldwell leaves for California, Eric Gottleib joins the fold, and the hair continues to grow...
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