Tough It Out rocks!!!

This is an awesome DVD. Had to tweak the ol' equalizer a bit as the low end is really pronounced (though not really overly so and my preset equalization has a bias to the low end to start with), and maybe Webb's vocals could be a teeny tiny bit louder, but other than that the mix was great and the three guitars were wonderfully exploited in the mix, each with it's own unique sound; it's a feast for the ears. As is typical, Jimmy Lester made his kit sound twice the size it was; sometimes less is more. And of course Tom Comet held the fort down with aplomb, and did a great job on the backing vocals. It was interesting how it each song was treated as it's own entity instead of maintaining a live concert flow. I thought it a first but at the end it didn't detract at all, though I do wish we could've seen one hat twirl (instead of the hat disappearing off
the top of the screen).

These are very small quibbles though, this DVD is well worth the wait and is very well done. The camera work is excellent and lots of subtle interplay between the guys is caught, a look here, a smile there.

I dug the Webb-U-Mentary as well; it left me wanting more which is what you want as an artist IMO. The picture show wrapped it up nicely and bonus points are awarded for having a soundtrack playing behind it and for allowing just the right amount of time between image changes.

The live CD is icing on the cake and different running order adds some uniqueness to it. Here, the fade ins and outs between songs make 'random' play a pleasure, as you don't have crowd noise suddenly appearing and disappearing.

Overall this is excellent stuff, especially for those who live in an area where Webb doesn't often hit.

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