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Webb Wilder

Webb Wilder

Webb who?

Don't know who Webb is?  Webb is the Last of the full grown men, a man who is out to prove you're never to small to hit the big time. He plays both kinds of music: Rock, and Roll.


Well, read on, and at the end of this page you'll find a few links to enlighten you further!

I first saw Webb Wilder back on his Doo Dad tour; likely in 1991; opening for .38 Special. Unfortunately, it was the last time I saw him as well, until October of 2004 (see below). I was immediately a fan, and went right out and bought that tape. I didn't know of any other Webb music. Some friends of mine (MT Glass; see Bandroom) began playing Tough it Out a couple years later, and shortly after getting online sometime in 1995, I picked up the rest of the catalog. I love the personality, the fun and the sincerity. Check him out; sound samples are available at the official site.

Story and pictures of Webb at Blackbirdfest 2004 in Smyrna, Delaware

Blackbirdfest happened in early October 2004, and was a blast and a half. The link above tells it all, but suffice to say it was definitely worth the (long) wait!
New Album! Coming out April 21 2009

Webb has a brand new disc dropping on 4/21/09:

Webb Wilder More Like Me

More Like Me is the name, I'll post a review when I hear it :) You can preorder at Webb Wilder dot com
Tough It Out, the Webb Wilder DVD, is released!!

Work Hard
Rock Hard
Eat Hard
Sleep Hard
Grow Big
Wear Glasses if you need 'em

-The Webb Wilder Credo

Webb Wilder - The last of the Full Grown Men - has always had one foot in Country and one in Rock and Roll.
Talk Webb!
There are a few places online for Webb talk:

Subscribe to WebbGroup
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Hunter Goatley's Webb fan list: WebbWilder-L
(This link generates an email ready for you to send and subscribe!)

Webb also has a message board on his web(b)site, and posts there often himself!

Do yourself a *huge* favor and check into Webb. Unfortunately, much of his music is out of print, but it's easy enough to find by checking out eBay

His debut album, It Came From Nashville, is now back in print and has six more tracks and new liner notes and photos inside as well. It's available at the official site through the Swag menu item. 

Check into it!

New DVD/CD August 15th 2006!

From Landslide Records press release:

Landslide is pleased to announce the August 15, 2006 release of an all new in concert DVD of WEBB WILDER and his powerhouse road band, the Beatnecks.  Produced in association with The Center for Public Television at the University of Alabama, who provided  the technical support, TOUGH IT OUT, WEBB WILDER LIVE was recorded at WorkPlay in Birmingham, AL on August 19, 2005, in front of a wildly enthusiastic, sold out audience.  Landslide will include a bonus live cd in the DVD package, and a shorter version of  the show is being distributed by the  National Educational Television Association (NETA) for air on PBS  affiliates nationwide. Featuring a sizzling array of energetic Wilder favorites, including rousing versions of “Human Cannonball,” “Poolside,”  “Louisiana Hannah,” and “Baby Please Don’t Go,”  TOUGH IT OUT represents the first live video release of Wilder’s kickass stage persona.  The 90 minute plus DVD also includes interviews with Webb and his band members plus a nostalgic glimpse at the full grown man’s memorabilia collection.   Longtime Webb cohort, producer, and songwriter R.S. Field (aka The Ionizer) was on hand to supervise the production and sound recording, which was created in stereo and Dolby 5.1 surround sound versions.
More on this wonderfully exciting event as it comes to light!

August 19 2005 - The Work/Play show recorded for the DVD
August 19 2006 - We watch the resulting DVD!
A review is here!
About Time studio album

It's out! Pick up on it!

About Time

I can now officially say About Time rocks! A great Webb release; it fits in nice with the re-released ICFN disc.
 A more detailed review is here

Another 2005 release is 'Scattered Smothered and Covered', billed as a 'Webb Wilder Overview'

Scattered cover

This disc contains selections from It Came From Nashville and the out-of-print Town & Country and Acres of Suede discs. It's a great way to catch up on some material that hasn't been officially available for a few years. Also contains some good liner notes and pics.

Available from the same vendors as About Time.

Discography (with commentary)
Here's a real quick discography with a short summary of each release. "oop" means out-of print, which unfortunately applies to much of the catalog. Maybe one day they will be back in print, we live in hope as Webb often says. For now, out of print selections can be found on eBay and elsewhere fairly often. None of the below have ratings as I really do like them all and there isn't one I wouldn't recommend. There always seems to be a Webb recording that fits what I'm lookin' for.

It Came From Nashville - debut, 1986(oop), 1993 w/ bonus tracks(oop), 2004 (available,*more* bonus tracks, new liner notes) Live & studio tracks; which make this a great intro to Webb.

Hybrid Vigor - 1989 (oop), updated 80s 'big sound', possibly most accessible recording. Human Cannonball & Hittin' Where It Hurts were performed on the short lived Pat Sajak show. See them at Hunter's site

DooDad - 1991 (oop), Contains 'Tough it out', the closest thing to a hit song (in the traditional sense) that Webb's had, another 'big guitar' record. A definite fan favorite, and two videos came off this one as well; Tough it Out and 'I Had Too Much To Dream(Last Night)', also seen at Hunter's

Town & Country - 1995 (oop) Covers of band faves, 'mix tape only we played the songs' effort. Everything from Waylon Jennings to the Small Faces and lots in between. As expected by the gap in time as well as the material, the feel here is different than the last two discs.

Acres of Suede - 1996 (oop) Another slice o' Webb, production again a step back from the 'loud' sound, original songs influenced by the style(s) of the covers on T&C

About Time- 2005 Nine years in the making, a classic Webb disc more in the mold of ICFN than HV. Read my review!

Scattered Smothered & Covered - 2005 Slices of ICFN, T & C, and AoS. Higly recommended as the latter two are currently out of print as noted above.

Tough It Out (Live) - 2006 This is a bonus CD packaged with the Tough It Out DVD. The songs are the same, but the running order is different. It's live Webb to go, and it's hard to beat that.
Webb Links
As promised, a selection of links to more Webb on the, well, Web:

Webbwilder.com - Ken Drew's Webbsite   - Webb Lyrics - Hunter Goatley's Webbsite  -  Webb Wilder Films - Webb on MySpace
(Richweb is a member in good standing of the Rock and Roll Justice League of America)

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